February 25th, 2008

BB Power of Veto Jericho Themed Challenge 2/26 Tuesday

Tuesday, Feb. 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) 


"Big Brother" Houseguests to Receive Information From the Outside World 


Contestants from CBS's BIG BROTHER will face-off in a JERICHO-themed "Power of Veto" competition on Tuesday, Feb. 26 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Loss of communication with the outside world is an issue facing both contestants inside the BIG BROTHER house and the citizens of the CBS drama JERICHO. During the broadcast's veto competition called "Communication Breakdown," BIG BROTHER Houseguests will put their communication skills to the test for the chance to gain information from the outside world. 

As they battle for the "Power of Veto" on Tuesday, BIG BROTHER couples will search through thousands of pounds of peanuts in order to find their hidden color-coded cables and restore communication by correctly connecting the cables along their utility poles. The first couple to get all of their cables arranged and connected the right way will win the "Power of Veto," giving them the ability to remove a couple, or themselves, from the chopping block.

After the winning couple is declared, all of the Houseguests will get to view headlines that will be shown to them on a ticker tape style machine. The message will contain tidbits of news from the outside world, including a mystery headline that gives a clue to the upcoming JERICHO episode.


News, Interviews, and More News!

In light of the recent ratings, it looks like every actor is coming out of the woodwork to support the show. Or maybe these websites only decided to put up these interviews recently, because I've never seen them before! All of them are under the cut with warnings for spoilers where applicable.

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In case you missed the news, Season 2 DVDs will be released June 10th! EDIT: Thanks to dponice for pointing out that this might not be true.


Jericho's Time Is Near

Carol Barbee, executive producer of CBS' post-apocalyptic drama Jericho, told SCI FI Wire that this week is make-or-break time for the resurrected show--though she will try to find a new home for it if CBS goes ahead and cancels it after its current seven-episode second season runs its course.

"I think this next airing will probably tell the tale," Barbee said in an interview at WonderCon in San Francisco on Feb. 24, referring to the upcoming Feb. 26 episode, "Jennings & Rall." "Our numbers have been OK, [but] not great. Our [demographic] has been very good; they've been very happy with that. But we'll see. ... If we trend up this week, I think we'll look pretty good. If we don't trend up, or if we stay the same, I think we'll have to wait and see what they want to do with us. I mean, they're going to air all seven; it's just a matter of how they feel about producing more."

Barbee denied that CBS has told her the show is ending, notwithstanding speculation that the network has already designated the seventh episode the "series finale." (Just to be sure, of course, Barbee said producers have prepared two endings: one to wrap the series up and one with a bit of a cliffhanger that would propel the narrative into a third season.)

Just in case CBS does pull the trigger on Jericho, Barbee said she's already begun looking for a new home on cable television. "There were other people who were interested in us to begin with, and now, I think, with the whole nuts [fan] campaign, and also with the amazing reviews that we've gotten for these seven episodes, I feel like we have made this franchise more valuable to a cable network who would want to take us on as a niche market," Barbee said. (The "nuts campaign" was a successful lobbying effort by Jericho fans, who mailed tons of peanuts to persuade CBS to bring the show back after the network canceled it after the first season.)

"So I think it's very possible," Barbee added. "We obviously have a relationship now with SCI FI Channel, because they're running our previous episodes. So I think that's a natural place to start looking. But I think that ... there are other people who would be interested in the show if it doesn't continue on CBS." (SCI FI Channel hasn't said whether it would consider picking up Jericho or not at this point.)

New episodes of Jericho air on CBS Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Reruns of the first season air on SCI FI Mondays at 10 p.m. (Source)