February 26th, 2008


For the Columbus, OH fans

You probably won't get these inside jokes unless you're familiar with Columbus Ohio, but one columnist decided to run with the idea of the new nation's capital existing in Columbus.
Guess what city is the nation's capital in Jericho, the CBS drama about America after a nuclear war?

That's right: Columbus.

Granted, we rule a diminished empire: The United States has split in three, so our town is the seat of government only for territory east of the Mississippi.

But we'll gladly accept the honor.

Alas, Jericho foolishly focuses on the grim struggle for survival in a small Kansas town rather than exploring the real point of intrigue: What it would be like to have the nation's capital in Columbus. read more

Episode 3.03 "Jennings & Rall" Discussion Post

Okay Rangers, this is the real deal. Tonight's ratings might not affect CBS's decision to give our show a third season, but at least we can make the show more attractive to other potential buyers like SciFi or cable! And don't forget the Big Brother tie-in before the ep airs.

Episode: Jennings & Rall
A deadly virus has jumped the Mississippi and is heading toward Kansas, but the vaccine is being held up by the contractor, J&R. Meanwhile, Hawkins convinces Beck (Esai Morales) that the new government may have a hidden agenda.

[from TV Guide]

This is the community discussion post for last night's episode. Go wild with your speculation for the next episode and remember: there will be blood spoilers in the comments.