February 29th, 2008



Did anyone else actually watch the Big Brother referenced in the link below?


I didn't watch it myself, because I loathe BB and its impossibly insincere and fake host Julie Chen, but my fiancee watches it regularly, and she had it on while I was working on the computer in the next room.

And one contestant started talking about some kind of scheme he was working on, and he'd named it "Operation Condor".

Which I thought was odd, considering "Condor" was the name of Episode Two.

Later in this episode, another contestant compared herself and a male contestant to the stars of the movie "The Cutting Edge".

And again, I thought this was odd, since one of the stars of that movie was D.B. Sweeney, who just so happens to have made a sudden return in . . . yes, Episode Two. (And let's remember, this is a movie that was made, what, fifteen years ago?)

Is it just me seeing lines connecting dots where none exist, or did anyone else wonder if perhaps they were being fed their lines by CBS?

Very weird.

Sincerely, Allaine

So where is the Jericho fandom on LJ?

A lot of you are new around these parts (which is beyond awesome!) so I figure a mod post is a must.

Hi there! hellokimberly and I are your community mods. I'm not sure if 'mod' is the correct term for us, to be honest. We're pretty laid back and we've had yet to really put our foot down on anything (thank God), so the only time you're likely to notice us is when your posts get accepted. I try to chime in once in a while with articles and to stir up some interest, but real life is taking its toll on me so I apologize!

Now, a lot of you have said that you can't see the Jericho fandom around Collapse )

In short, we used to be obsessed. So what happened to us? If you're worried about the fact that we have moderated posts, DON'T. The only reason we moderate is to screen out trolls and to check that the spoilers aren't glaringly obvious. We haven't dealt with either yet, so you've been seeing everything that everyone wanted to post.

For that matter, what happened to the participation in other communities on Livejournal? Did you know we have an icon community? Did you know we have a slash and a general fanfic community? Did you know that we had fic contests and friending memes and Stanley/Mimi, Jake/Heather, and Jake/Emily communities? If not, maybe you should check out all of the links in the community profile a little more carefully.

What I'm trying to say is that we DO have all the makings of a huge fandom presence on Livejournal. All it requires is your participation. Don't get me wrong - I'm not putting the blame on your shoulders. What I mean is this: if you're willing to put in the effort of contributing to the general community as a whole, I'm pretty damn sure the rest of us will be willing to meet you halfway.

So don't hesitate to comment or start speculating randomly during the day when you're bored at work or school. Don't hesitate to take a stab at some of the more psychological aspects of the characters.

Most of all, don't hesitate in making your voice heard. And if you feel I need to do something differently as a mod, please tell me! You can leave a comment here, or you can email me at awaitstheday@gmail.com.

EDIT: By the by, our old friending memes are located under this tag. If anyone would like to create a new friending meme, GO RIGHT AHEAD.