March 1st, 2008


I dont care what Penn & Teller say

I didn't watch Jericho during season 1 even though I desperately wanted to. After being burned when Surface, Threshold and Invasion, were all cancelled, I felt as if I was the touch of death for cool new shows. So I said if it gets picked up for a 2nd season I'll watch. I got the 1st 4 eps on Netflix and am convincing I made the right decision. It's a great show, and if I had watched, it would've been cancelled. So now I've got to quickly catch up.

I was curious if anybody either already was a disaster prepardness nut or became one after watching Jericho. I had made a basic stockpile of supples because of the fears over Y2K, and I've since taken up the hobby or urban exploration, and since I sometimes am driving in areas where getting stuck is a real possibility I basically have 3 days of food, clothes and survival stuff in my car at all times. Now that I own a house, making a bigger and better prepardness stockpile is on my list of things to do, but I always seem to never get around to it.

I don't care what Penn & Teller say, I think it's a senseible thing to do. If you didnt know, in one episode of BulLShit! they said that stockpiling food, preparing for the end of the world was stupid, that there's no reason to do so, etc etc.

PS I got season 1 off netflix and watched the first 4 eps, I'll watch the rest at Aside from commentaries do any of the disc have any special content that I might wanna watch? Stuff I wouldn't get at

New interview with Carol Barbee

We have a new interview with Carol Barbee! A lot of this stuff I haven't seen asked before, but thanks to we finally have it! (NO SPOILERS) Well, let's just start from the beginning...from the very, very beginning. How hard was it to get Jericho made in the first place?
Carol Barbee: That's a good question. CBS was really looking to do some new content to try to catch the next wave. They've been very successful with all the procedurals, but I think they know that at some point that the pendulum will swing. And they were looking for something new and something to break out.

When they came up with Jericho, it was their first toe in the water with [a new direction]. They tried to go even further this last year. I think they were looking to bring in a younger audience. They were trying to get the gamers, and they were trying to get the Internet audience. And I think we did bring that to them. read more

Cool New Jericho Video

Robert Hawkins:  by ka4ist

CBS's Jericho "Condor"

Music: Lou Rawls "A Natural Man"

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