March 9th, 2008

NEW INITIATIVE- Daily Checklist

The time to act is now. We are strongest in our numbers. Everyday we need to take a short time out of our day and dedicate it to accomplishing these various tasks. Rain, sleet, snow or shine, we MUST be diligent and accomplish this. I know many would like to start a new campaign by sending nuts or other items to CBS again. I feel however, that we gain very little while also having the potential to lose alot of what we have already done. Its become very cliche` and it would  not be as well received as it was last year. We could very well be seen as rude and selfish by those that have supported us in the past.
    Online viewership is another one of our strengths nd we need to continue to remmber that and to use it to our advantage as often as possible.

I have gone through a nimber of the current posts here on site and consolidated some of the current plans we have been undertaking as of late as well as a few new ones.

1) I created a new petition tonight for all too sign here.
    Hey Nielson does not speak nor does it represent a large portion of the viewers of Jericho either on network TV or online. Please have every member of your household sign. Last year when we petitioned CBS we achived 100,000 signatures in a very short time. We should be able to better that now with Jericho still on the air. Please also see to it that any newcomers are given this to sign as soon as possible.

2) Email Campaign.  and
    This is exactly what we have been doing since day one. Please flood CBS with emails dollowing each new episode.

3) Watch it again. or here on this site as often as possible after the episode debuts on Tuesdays.

4) Snail Mail and Mini-Petition Campaign.
The Mini-petition aspect is simply acquiring the signatures and email address of 5 jericho fans that you yourself have recruited. They can be anyone. People from your job, neighborhood or just about anywhere you can. Hell, feel free to go door to door if you want.
The Mailing Address are:
Snail mail:
51 West 52nd Street, New York, NY 10019
7800 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90039
212-975-4321, also -3241, -3245 and -3247
323-575-2345, also -4913 ("comment line")
Les Moonves, President & CEO, CBS Corp.
Kelly Kahl, Sr. Executive VP of Programming
Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment
CBS Audience Services:
Web Form for feedback:
Sci-Fi Channel,
Attn: Dave Howe,
30 Rockafeller Center, 21st Floor,
New York, NY 10112

5) SciFi Night-
    Beginning this coming Monday I'd like to ask the Jericho fans here on CBS to migrate to the SciFi boards for the evening as a show of support for SciFi and all it has done recently for Jericho. Myself and others will develop new thread topics and games for all to take part in.

6) Continue voting at Hey Nielson itself.
    We are currently working our way up to first place in voting here and are already in first place on the TV Guide Poll at
Hey Nielson, you may vote once a day while TV Guide you may vote as often as you like.

7) We continue digging all Jericho related info.

If anyone has further thoughts or ideas ideas, please let me know. And again, please direct any newcomers here as soon as possible

Thanks you to Ichtus, Shuan, Denny, sigramoose for some of these thoughts and ideas as well as your efforts to begin a New Campaign.

Letters/postcards to CBS and Scifi for 3rd season !!!

A simple and passionate campaign is what is needed now !!!

In your letters, keep it to one page and explain why you love Jericho and that you want to see a third season..

In the postcards, in a few sentences explain why you love the show and want to see it back..

We must use a two pronged approach, CBS and Scifi.

CBS has a relationship with Scifi and Scifi loves Jericho..

To me thats the logical landing spot, USA/Scifi since they are owned and run by the same people..

The address for Scifi is below with the person's name who is in charge of programming for Scifi Channel..

CBS, we should all have that information at hand...

Ms. Nina Tassler, President

CBS Entertainment

7800 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90039-2112

(323) 575-2747

Ihave been working for months on Scifi Channel through backdoorchannels..but I am throwing it open to everyone who is willing to jointhis fight anew...

Shaun Vegas
Sci Fi Channel ATTN DaveHowe 30 Rockafeller Center 21st Floor New York, NY 10112 Phone: 212-664-4444
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