March 13th, 2008

South by Southwest and JERICHO ???

Our Shaun is rocking in Austin, Texas

Very true…

I am writing this, from the press room at the South By Southwest Interactive, Film and Music Expo in Austin Texas.

You would think that Jericho would be as far from peoples minds here as humanly possible..

However, when I walked into the BlogHaus the first day..I bumped into the Chief blogger for Dell and he knew me from the Jericho campaign..

And during our conversation another person, asked me if I was who I said I was..he has prepared a presentation for MTV about social media and its effect on “old” media.  Guess what the case study is?? JERICHO and the nuts campaign of course.

Images of the old CBS/Jericho site, the message board and a picture and profile of yours truly.

And later, when I walked back into the BlogHaus, the bloggers clapped and gave me a standing ovation..humbling but nice as the same time.

And walking through the hall way this morning, I heard last night’s episode playing on someones laptop computer..

So again, let your heart not be troubled.  There are more fans of Jericho than anyone realizes..

Hopefully CBS or another network sees or will see this and keep Jericho on our TV screens in a couple more seasons to come..

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