March 19th, 2008

Jericho Episode 2.6 - Sedition - episode info, screen caps, visual trivia and more!

 Jericho Episode 2.6 - Sedition

Episode info, screen caps, etc..

Conversation between Hawkins and John Smith - ep 6

Visual Trivia

Cast and Characters - Gail Green, Goetz, Russell, STIMI and more!

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Radio Free Jericho
Vicki - maybei

First post/ meta

Hi there!

I'm Han and I am a massive Jericho fan in the UK, which is great fun as I don't have home internet and am relying on a very good friend to download the show for me. 

I know all of two people who watch the show, and they've already heard my ramblings, so I humbly present some meta that arose from discussions about 205:

(general series 2 spoilers in the post)

I'd be interested to know anyone else's thoughts, so if you feel like coming over and commenting, that'd be great. I plan on doing more meta stuff when the series is finished, and getting some US perspective would be cool, as I get the feeling that some things are going over my head right now :).

For the Kansas fans

Here's an interesting tidbit from last night's episode For you Kansas fans.
"46 minutes into ["Sedition"], the Rangers determine that Jake Green is being held off 48 between Alex Bell and Lytle Five Points- on a hog farm.

Only people in Dayton would get it- but, hey that’s the point." (Source)

Hey, if you want to be offended, there's a link up there to the guy's post. I'm just the messenger :P