March 22nd, 2008

Guinea Pigs: Me and Bozzie

Save Jericho Campaign: Phases One and Two

From the Rally Point, Jericho Net:

Phase one:

Watch the finale Tuesday. Get everyone you can to tune in. Watch the reruns on Sci-Fi when they air--get people to tune in to that, too.

Phase Two:

Thank You's to Carol Barbee (thanks to ClassicTvnut and Welcome for the info)

The goal is to show Carol and the others that we want them to try and shop Jericho. That we are still here and we will follow Jericho wherever they take it. Motivate them to not give up, our fight is no good without their fight.

Notes can also include our appreciation of quality programming, her participation in the campaign, whatever you choose.

And don't just stick to Carol. Write to them all, thank them, tell them to fight, tell them we believe in the continuance of Jericho and why.

Ms, Carol Barbee,
Executive Producer, Jericho,
4024 Radford Avenue,
Studio City, CA 91604-2190.

Jon Turteltaub, Producer/Director
Junction Entertainment
500 South Buena Vista St.
Animation Building
Burbank, CA 91521-1616

Jon Turteltaub (his talent agent’s address)
c/o William Morris Agency
One William Morris Place
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Karim Zreik, VP, Development
Junction Entertainment
(Same as 1st address at Junction Entertainment)