March 23rd, 2008


A note on those media bloggers out there....

For all of you intrepid Jericho bloggers out there are getting this on Google Alerts or just reading this on your friend's list:

You guys must have heard about this scathing attack by Washington Post columnist Lisa de Moraes about how the fans were the reason the show couldn't succeed. I don't intend to start picking on her, but there are rumblings from other media sources that fans are to blame too - and they're obviously just following her lead.

So I'd like to point out a few things. First of all, you can find a brief history about de Moraes on Wikipedia. And, if it's the same Lisa de Moraes (how many people actually use that name, anyway?), she's also on too. According to both sources, she's been in the television business for years and has grown rather cynical to it. That's all well and good, but she's always been involved with shows with devoted fanbases, such as Star Trek, The West Wing, Criminal Minds, etc.

Granted she was only ever an assistant editor for those shows, but she must have some idea of how rabid fans can get. So why all the hatred pointed at Jericho fans? Is she somehow taking CBS's side and trying to pretend that the lack of fans was the reason the show is getting cancelled? Or, is she just trying to stir up some controversy?

Take a look at her column. I see more posts in there about American Idol than I do of any other TV show, and she's not even remotely involved in it. But why would anyone want to read her take when you can find millions of blogs out there with more opinions, even the Allmusic Blog?

She's also never taken the time to actually check out Jericho - she only ever mentions it in passing. When announcing CW shows that were picked up for next season, she was certain to use Jericho as a sideline by saying:
But if you adore "Aliens in America," which has finished airing its 18-episode order, your only hope is one of those mail-in-useless-stuff- to-network- suits campaigns -- preferably something CW parent CBS can use in a "Big Brother" episode -- like those "Jericho" peanuts that got that show brought back from the dead. Dirt Devils, maybe?

You'd only pick up that line if you have a "Jericho" Google Alert set up, or were reading her post exclusively (but why bother, when the announcements were made all over the web that day?)

So, it's looking like she's trying to drum up more readers for her blog (thereby increasing hits and advertising dollars for the site). Well Lisa de Moraes, you can be sure that the only campaign anyone would mount to save your sorry hide if you lose your job would be to send 'ZOMG THANK YOU!!!!111' emails and letters to The Washington Post. Way to alienate potential readers, you moron. You'd have been lucky to have us.