March 24th, 2008

Guinea Pigs: Me and Bozzie

New Save Jericho Info!

Okay, there will be more info. soon, but they are telling people at the rally point that we should prepare to start contacting the two following networks about picking up Jericho:

1. Sci-Fi (this actually did strike a lot of us as surprising since we were originally under the impression Sci-Fi had already said no. However, that is not true, and looks to be our most likely canidate)


2. The CW. It's affiliated with CBS, and NOTHING it airs pulls in the numbers Jericho has consistently gotten. It beats Smallville by twice the numbers. So it's the other one we're told to get ready to focus on.

I'll have more info. as soon as possible on how to go about this exactly. We need it to be organized, en masse, and hard-hitting!

Stay tuned!