March 25th, 2008


Carol Barbee Talks to TVGuide

Has anyone seen this yet? If not, TVGuide had a two-part interview with Carol Barbee (the second part comes out tomorrow): When did you get word about CBS' decision?
Friday. I knew that they had an internal meeting on Thursday, to decide which of the endings we were going to show. At that time they gave us permission to speak to the cast, because we had requested to have 24 hours to speak to them, which I did on the phone, before it went out to the general public. Read more
Guinea Pigs: Me and Bozzie

We Need the Jericho Sites to HOP tonight, Guys!

So watch the show. Get everyone you can to watch it. Download it, record it, watch it again on

Then contact CBS. Call them, and ask for their feedback line, or Nancy Tellem's voicemail. Be positive. Tell them what you thought of the finale, how much you love Jericho, etc:

323-575-2345 (LA Office)
212-975-4321 (New York Office)
323-956-5000 (CBS Paramount Television)

Go to their website and post on the Jericho forum:

Email CBS:

* * *

Visit Sci-Fi's message board for Jericho and post like NUTS:

Send your letters to Sci-Fi:

The SciFi Channel
30 Rockafeller Center
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112
ATTN: David Howe, President
Mark Stern, Vice President of Programming
Thomas Vitale, Senior Vice President of Programming

* * *

Visit the CW message boards and post in the general section about how great Jericho is and how you'd love to see it on their network:

Send your letters to the CW:

The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
ATTN: Dawn Ostroff (President of Entertainment, CW)

Email the CW:

* * *

Visit these Jericho sites and post like crazy:

Blog about it wherever you can! Comment on other people's blogs! Leave me links of blogs regarding Jericho and I will repost them here!

Wherever you post, remember this: Make sure you include your location, your age, race and gender, and the methods you are watching the show with. Make your voices heard! (And have proof!) Be courteous, be polite, do not respond to negativity. If there are trolls saying the show sucks, just ignore them. Jericho rangers are above feeding the troll! :D

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What kind of world do you want?

Over a year after the September Attacks, the nation is still divided and the battle lines have been drawn. Two new, powerful forces now fight to re-establish order, to bring the people together under one government. In Columbus, Ohio, the remnants of the old government struggle to bring a nation out of crisis. In the West, a new power calling themselves the Allied States of America has brought 'order' to the Midwest, with a new capital centered in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

A civil war is brewing, and the small town of Jericho, Kansas and its citizens are on the front lines. In this new world, what side will you be on?

Who will make history?

***Yeah, this is a generic ad, and I don't mean to troll! But, with the 'end' of the series, I thought some in this community might appreciate the new game starting up. Fight on Rangers, and if anyone is interested, give the link a shot! :)

Episode 2.07 Community Discussion

Well folks, it's that time again, even though this might be the last we see of our beloved show.

...if that statement got you as mad as I did, then check out the community if you haven't yet to see what we can do about it!

Episode: Patriots and Tyrants
In the series SEASON finale, Jake and Hawkins attempt to prove to the independent Texas government that there is a huge conspiracy, but first they must get past the Cheyenne officials.

This is the community discussion post for tonight's episode. Go wild, but remember: there will be spoilers in the comments.

Posted originally at Jerichonet

This is a portion of the letter writing campaign to Carol Barbee, etc. that I posted over on JNet.  I'm also willing to set this up for the writing campaign to the Sci Fi Channel and the CW.  If you are interested in participating please do not hesitate to contact me over there at my JNet screenname - Bullroarer or on LJ through my sisbullroarer account.

On two threads on the JNet board over the weekend I posted a suggestion about having International (Non-US) fans send their letters for Effort 2- Letters to Carol Barbee (& others) via e-mail to US fans so that the US fans can then mail the letters here to the individuals. The reasons for this suggestion:
  • Cost of postage to mail from abroad
  • Length of time to reach US addresses from abroad
  • E-mails are more likely to be ignored

If you are an "international" fan & want to take part in the letter writing campaign by teaming up with a US fan, please contact me via the private message service on the board with your e-mail address. Please do not post the address in this thread as it will be difficult to organize and I do not want to see anyone end up with their e-mail address in the wrong hands.

If you are a US fan and want to help in this effort, please also contact me via private message. I will work to match up fans to make it almost (as darkcrystal said to me) a pen pal set up.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know.

International fans - please let me know what format you will be using to send your letter to the US fan/pal. The US is very Microsoft based while other countries work more in Linux and other systems.

US fans - please let me know what operating system you are using and what word processing programs you have to make matching that much easier from a technology standpoint.

If anyone has any questions on this project or any suggests, please share.

I forgot to add - I leave for work at 8 am Eastern and get home sometime after 6 pm M-F & do not always have time to check in from work so if I do not reply right away don't be upset!
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