March 26th, 2008


2nd Part of Carol Barbee Interview

As you guys remember, the first part of Carol Barbee's interview with TVGuide was up yesterday. Here's the second part, and it's got plenty of spoilers for the season finale. If Jericho does find a new home on another channel, will Season 3 work off the alternate ending or the original cliff-hanger edit?
What we would do is take the information that is in the original ending, and that would be the opener for the next season... READ MORE

Haikus for Jericho

Here's an idea some folks might be interested in ... my sister and I were talking about what to send with our "Support Jericho!!" letters to various TV networks. She was thinking flags, but I thought, why not write haikus? They're short, they're sweet, and best of all they can be created by fans to show our dedication, support and creativity. So here are some my sister and I came up with.
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Anybody else got some?