March 31st, 2008

" Don't tread on me"

I'm a little confused. Was the ending that aired the regular season finale , or the alternate Series end-er (which was rumored to have a narration that told you what happened to everyone) ?

Personally I think it ended well. they cramed a whole seasons plot into seven episodes. All the high notes were hit (tho I think they may have had more in mind with the Hudson river virus). I have no problem with it ending there. As much as I liked the Matrix your better off without the next two films. The same with Babylon 5 the laste season on TNT was ... not so good. Knowing when to leave is an art all in itself. Its a very American mistake to run things into the ground just to keep it going. Look at what happened to X-files...

Where would people really see another season going ????
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Paramount Now Logging Calls!

posted By Camantooth at CBS

Call Nancy T's Number (at Paramount), they're logging calls! 323.575.2380
People are posting that they are asking the callers specfic questions too.

Remember to be polite, we need Paramount to be willing to release Jericho to another network.
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Article about Jericho....kind of?

I don't want to politics the forum all up, but this is a really interesting article written by Pastor Chuck Baldwin:


By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

March 28, 2008

A friend recently turned me on to the CBS television series, Jericho. I watch so little network television that I confess to never having seen the show before this week. Obviously, then, I am quite uninformed as to the overall plot and previous episodes. What I saw Tuesday evening, however, stunned me. Why? Because it very aptly depicted what could become a very real-life scenario for these United States in the not-so-distant future.

The rest of the article: