April 3rd, 2008

Ask Loomer - Jericho Set Dresser

Hey everyone!
I had written Loomer to ask if he would be willing to answer some of our questions about his job, the sets, working on Jericho, etc...
Hello Vicki,
I would be honored to answer questions, and I think bundling them together and sending them in a bunch is perfect....
On-set Dresser

He agreed!!! YAY!!! (you so rock Loomer!!)
So here is your chance to get those burning questions answered about working on the set of Jericho!!!
You can post your questions at the link below, PM me at RFJ or email me at: Jerichomaybei@aol.com
I will be gathering them up and sending them to him and then will post his answers on RFJ.

More International Fan Information needed

Zajo, a fan from Sweden on the JerichoNet Board, and I have been starting to collaborate on some more ideas for ways to have International Fans participate more in the fight for Jericho.  Below is the post Zajo made this evening on the JerichoNet board.  Please feel free to either reply to this post or e-mail me at sisbullroarer@livejournal.com with your answers to these questions, especially if you are interested in helping.

 Zajo writes...

Thanx for checking in!

We need all the help we can get, I have a few questions I need answered and if you could help me find the answers or if you already know it, please post it.

1. In what countries is Jericho broadcasted?

2. Do you know any other language than English? If yes, what?

3. Have you come across any information about a fansite/forum that's not American? If yes, where and what country?

4. If we find a country that airs Jericho and you know their language, would you be willing to translate information to (if we are lucky and find one) their forum/fansite? If not a fansite then maybe willing to send emails regarding our efforts to their media?

5. If you have any additional idea/tips to give in how we can reach out to other countires, please let us know.

Thank you!
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