May 9th, 2008

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From: GenPatton43

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Attention all Jericho fans still committed to making our presence known!  We have been presented with an incredible opportunity to have the entertainment industry hear us in a big way.  It’s our chance to show our continued commitment to Jericho – AND demonstrate that while we love our show, we also love and honor our troops!


How? This is where it gets exciting!  What do you think about nearly 300 TV ads created by our own Rubber Poultry and airing at strategic times on strategic channels such as the Sci-Fi, History, Discovery, TNT, and ESPN channels (including the NBA playoffs)?  This would be in full-out effort to kick our DVDs for the Troops campaign into high gear, as well as create and/or maintain awareness of Jericho fans’ efforts in and around the Hollywood industry area where a decision about the resurrection of Jericho would most likely originate. 


Under a proposal presented to us from Time-Warner in LA (holding 97% of the market share in that area), we are looking at a 10-day scheduled run in demographic markets that target people in the 25-49 age category, with higher-level incomes, and interests in the military and/or entertainment business, including zones around Hollywood, South Orange County, and the East San Fernando Valley. 


What better way to show our love to our service men and women than to promote the DVDs for the Troops campaign, gifting our troops with enjoyable entertainment and a sense of not being forgotten by any of us?  How better to show Carol, Karim, Dan, and Jon that we’re still behind them 100% in finding a new home for Jericho? How loudly can we show other interested parties considering giving Jericho and our nutty fan base a new home that we’re loyal, committed, and never-wavering -- that we dig in and fight for something that’s so important and meaningful to us?


But time is getting tight, and we’ve got to put together the mother of all fundraising campaigns in quick order to finance this powerful, targeted TV ad campaign to build upon all the other wonderful campaigns involving letter-writing, phone calls, peanuts and peanut butter, press releases, blogging, Digging, etc. that’s still keeping Jericho in play. 


With an original price tag that topped over $20K, several Jericho Rangers have worked diligently to negotiate a package that’s much more manageable financially, but will still give us the bang for the buck to promote DVDs for the Troops and our beloved Jericho.


With that said, it’s time to step up and see how committed we are to having our voices heard in the loudest way possible!  That means exactly $13,615 is needed to make this concept a reality.  We’ve done it before with other advertising, and it’s incumbent upon us to move it to the next phase with targeted advertising that has far greater reach than ever before. 


Are you game?  Can we do this for the troops?  Can we do it for Jericho and its cast and crew?  Can we do it for all Jericho Rangers who’ve already given much in time, dollars and effort….but aren’t ready to concede to a hinky ratings system and a lack of appreciation for a show that’s touched our hearts unlike any other?


THE GOAL?  $13,615.  How quickly do we need it?  Yesterday!  So, let’s go, go, go!!  


In the next day, we’ll be posting an address for a PayPal account where you can help with donations.  So keep checking in, as we provide you with the information you’ll need to be part of this historic effort, plus updates on our progress.  Our time frame is tight, and it’s probably one of our last chances to show Jericho Rangers’ commitment in the biggest, most vocal way possible.


Many thanks to GenPatton, Scoobud, Rubber Poultry, and Red Sox for their efforts to get this ad campaign off the ground!!  And if you’re unfamiliar with the DVDs for the Troops effort, please visit for more details on this wonderful effort and photos of troops receiving their DVDs from the Season 1 campaign.


Stay tuned…..and start digging out all that loose change (and large denomination bills J) in your sofas and under your car seats!!


GOAL: $13,615

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