May 17th, 2008

Jericho Convention 2008

Hello everyone just wanted to share my surprise for everyone that is happening starting this morning.

I have started a BLOGTV account for all the Jericho Fans to Join! I will be reporting live from Oakley, Kansas.

I will be making way up to Oakley, Kansas from Dallas, Texas and will be live on the air when I leave Dallas, Texas till I get to Oakley. Now I will not be on the whole time but during the trip I will come on and give updates till we arrive in Oakley, Kansas permitting the internet connections during the trip.

This is a great way to show the fans and everyone else that loves Jericho that we care for Jericho and show the events on the internet so no one will feel left out.

Last year we had a few videos, but I wanted to make an impact by doing a live stream so everyone can join in on the fun.

Follow the link below and you can sign up for an account to see the live stream or you can come in as a guest to watch the feed while I am on the air.

Jericho Convention 2008

There is a chat room there so everyone can chat and I put up some videos for everyone to watch while they are there, when I am not on the air.
The videos are from the Jericho Rangers on youtube and I hope everyone enjoys.
I do have another place set up just in case some people can't the site work on their computer.

JerichoSeason2 Chat


Check the link in my signature to the Jericho Chat room, I put a live stream feed there also.

I will be putting up recordings throughout the week till the day I leave for Oakley to give updates and details to what is going on.
Thank you everyone