May 28th, 2008

JERICHO // Emily "Happy"

Billboard is up!

In case anyone on LJ is still following the Save Jericho campaign, here are some of the things that are still happening.

The billboard is up! More pictures are here.


The Second DVDs for Our Troops Campaign

Some people are working on sending peanut butter to the Kansas food bank. It seems the mods at CBS deleted the thread though. If anyone wants more info, leave a comment and I'll get it for you.

ETA: People are also working on getting a series of TV Ads to run on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles.

And the letter writing campaign is still going strong!

Here's a great look back at some of the fan art throughout the campaign. It's the intro video Rubber Poultry created for his panel at Jerichon this past weekend.

And lastly, Carol Barbee and Jon Steinberg both called into the radio during Jerichon this weekend and while there is still nothing concrete to report, they were both really optimistic and positive. Meetings are still happening and they are working hard to find Jericho a new home. Carol said the cast is working but they would come back. Jon said the fans need to keep their presence up. Basically, it's still not over and everyone still wants the show to continue so that's good news!!