June 11th, 2008

ask Brad Beyer - Stanley Richmond - questions from fans!


Brad Beyer, has agreed to answer questions from the fans!!!

I spoke with his agent and he will be happy to take questions from the jericho fans!!

YAY!!!  (thank you so much!!)

So here is your chance to get those burning questions answered about Brad's career, working on Jericho, etc..!!!


You can post your questions at the link above, PM me on RFJ or email me at: Jerichomaybei@aol.com

I will be gathering them up and sending them to him and then will post his answers. 

maybei - admin RFJ

Jericho Ranger Peanut Butter Campaign

Spreading the Nutty Love Food Bank Drive 

After their successful campaign to raise money for tornado damaged Greensburg, Kansas, the Jericho fans are launching their next charity based endeavor.Jericho Ranger Chigal76 has proposed an idea to help feed the hungry people of Kansas, but we need your help! 

We are on a mission to fill the warehouse of the Kansas Food Bank, (associated with America's Second Harvest) with PEANUT BUTTER! This is more than NUTS, this is helping real people with real problems. 


You can order peanut butter directly through our Jericho Peanut Butter wish list at Amazon.com. All orders will be sent to The Kansas Food Bank Central Distribution Facility.

The Jericho Peanut Butter for Kansas Food Bank Wish List:

Include at check out to receive 25% off your order.
Valid until JUNE 30th

We appreciate all of the help and say thank you in advance!

Let's show our town spirit and come together to help our neighbors. If every Jericho Ranger sends at least one jar, we will make a huge impact!


Charity Auction to Benefit the Food Bank Drive!

Postcard from Oakley, Kansas (site of the 2008 Jerichon Convention).
Signed and auctioned with permission by Jericho Producer / Writer Matt Federman and On-Set Dresser Mike Loomer.


All money received is being used for the Jericho Rangers Food Bank Drive.
Thank you for bidding and helping this worthy cause!


For more information on the Jericho Rangers Peanut Butter Campaign please visit:


maybei - admin RFJ