October 15th, 2008

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New Episode Of Jericho Podcast is Available!

Since I've been incredibly remiss in informing this community about the goings on of Future Traditions, a podcast all about Jericho, which I co-host with two other lovely ladies, I'm remedying that now.

Episode 3 of the podcast is available and can be downloaded here: http://futuretraditions.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=389938 

In this episode, we discuss social structures in Jericho, we get a little snippet of perspective from the diary of a Jennings and Rall worker assigned to Jericho in early Season Two, and we answer the Question of the Week!

Which brings me to another point: Each episode, we pose a question of Jericho fans. Our current question (that will be discussed in Episode 5, due out sometime next week) is...which is your favorite Season One episode, and why? You can answer as a reply here, or at our forums: http://jerichopodcast.informe.com/forum/ Or, you can email a response to jerichopodcast@gmail.com :) Take a little time to answer; we'd love to hear from you!