October 18th, 2008

Chat with Shoshannah Stern - Wed Oct 22

Due to the efforts of Mainemom22, RFJ is pleased to announce our very first special visitor to our live chat page. Shoshannah Stern will be joining us this coming Wednesday, October 22 at 10pm Eastern/7 pm Pacific!!!

Best known for her role as Jericho's Bonnie Richmond, Ms. Stern will be here to share her unique insight into the Jericho "universe" and the part she played in bringing it all to life for us every week.

But wait! There's more!!!

TUESDAY night (October 21st) the featured episode in the Great Jericho Re-Watch viewing and chat will be S2E4 "Oversight"...yeah, that's right, the "Bonnie" one!

Join us Tuesday night for one of the best episodes of the entire series (so far) and again the very next night to speak with the person who made it one of the best!

The Great Jericho Re-Watch, Tuesday nights 10pmE/7pmP

RFJ Welcomes Shoshannah Stern Wed. Oct 22nd 10pE/7pmP

You will need to register for the chat - to do this you need to have pop-ups disabled. Be sure to register early so if you have any problems I can help you. Just send me a PM on RFJ if you need help smile.gif

vicki - maybei :)
admin RFJ