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and at the gates does Thomas ask to see my hands?

TV Guide names Jericho a 'top cult show'

Well this was certainly something nice to wake up to :D
"Spurred on by the successful campaign to get Jericho plucked from the postapocalyptic ashes and returned to CBS' 2007-08 slate, TV Guide revisited that years-old countdown, asking ourselves such tough questions as: Is Lost too "big" to be considered cult? Did the big-screen Serenity help or hinder Firefly's under-the-radar cachet? And, of course, just how high does one Miss Veronica Mars get placed on the list at this nascent stage in her candidacy?"


Top Cult Shows Ever

#11: Jericho (2006-present)

See the entire list HERE. And don't forget to show your appreciation at the Top Cult Shows blog!

Also, give yourselves a pat on the back for bringing the show this much attention :D
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