Jericho Vid: Walk Away

First post in the comm and I thought I'd bring some goodies :) I am really more of a Stanley & Mimi shipper when it comes to Jericho (they are just so plain adorable together, gah!) but there's something about Jake and Emily that is just.... captivating. Dunno what it is but it gets me every time. So I decided to make a vid for them :)

Walk Away
Artist: Aloha From Hell
Download and stream info here @ my LJ.

“Why did you come back, Jake? Why couldn’t you just stay away?”


Jericho Ranger

Jericho Season 3 Paperback

Greetings Rangers!

I haven't seen this mentioned yet so I thought I would share. Jericho Season 3 in paperback appears to have been released yesterday. Here is the Amazon Link. I'm looking forward to checking this out but it looks like Amazon doesn't have them in the warehouse yet.

Also, haven't managed to find a copy of the comic yet.
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NCIS: Tony special agent

Video: "Oh Death"

hello, my first post in here, my first Jericho fan video.

I know I`m late, but I`ve discovered "Jericho" only this summer, got all DVD`s asap, and this is the result.

It is posted to my video journal.

Music: "Oh Death" by Jen Titus /CW SPN remix
File: 17 + MB WMV
Lenght: 2.10 min.
Categorie: drama, overview
Character: all

SPOILER: ALL of Jericho

More info, and the DL/Streaming link, can be found here: CLICK CLICK

Pretty Litte Liars: Hanna sideways

Comic: Issue #1

I just got my copy and I devoured it in minutes. The artwork is amazing! I was delighted to see how well they'd captured Jake and Hawkins, especially on the cover.

Has anyone else read it? What did you think?

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Star Sighting


Recently, I was at the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, when I was surprised to see Kenneth Mitchell aka Eric Green, walk past me. Unfortunately, I tend to be a bit shy and merely stared at him in surprise, as he walked by.

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I don't know if this is okay, so please delete this if it isn't allowed or offends anyone. But there is a brand new game starting up on IJ and wanted to give other Jericho fans a chance to get in on the action if they were interested. Again, really sorry if this isn't allowed.

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